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Relying on Luoyang Shaft Research Institute, Mechanical Industry Bearing Product Quality Inspection Center (Hangzhou), Zhonghang Testing Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., National Small and Medium Bearing Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Beijing Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Technology, Soochow University, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology and The technical force of the Beijing General Iron and Steel Research Institute has combined with a number of universities and used the research and development capabilities of graduate students at school to actively take the road of combining production, learning and research.

Basic research and R&D projects


In order to enhance the company's independent innovation capability and core competitiveness, the company organizes more than 5 internal R&D projects every year, and carries out multiple basic research and basic research topics. As of March 19, the company has obtained 30 patents and practical applications such as "Continuous Die for Forging of Wheel Hub Inner Ring", "Continuous Die for Forging of Tapered Bearing Rings", "A Kind of Ejector Braking Device on Bearing Forging Die" New type; 14 provincial-level new products including "Long-life deep groove ball bearing rings" and "New bearing rings for CNC lathes" were developed; "Microstructure of high-speed forged bearing rings" and "012A1 steel molds" were published Five core papers including Failure Analysis; participated in the compilation of the national standard for “Heat Treatment Technical Conditions for Rolling Bearing High Carbon Chromium Bearing Steel Parts” once.


About our production


Typical process:

Forging | Annealing | Shot Blasting | Cold Rolling

Process advantages:

·Low oxidation decarburization
·Reasonable streamline distribution
·Long product life
·The product has high precision, saving 20% of material, 20% of electricity and 95% of water



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